Name Plate Sponsorship

For a small fee, you can sponsor (on behalf of yourself, a friend, a family member or a company) your favourite player’s ice hockey locker room name plate.

As previous seasons you will get the opportunity as a sponsor to keep the name plate that you have sponsored.

For £30.00 (per name plate sponsorship) you will be able to sponsor your chosen player’s ice hockey locker room name plate on a first come first served basis.

In keeping with previous seasons as part of the package all sponsors will receive a Kit Club Certificate from the Manchester Storm to commemorate your support for your favourite player.
Name Plate sponsors will also be named on their players’ profile on and on the Kit Club Sponsorship page.

For further information or to secure your 2018/19 Kit Club packages please email: [email protected]

Dane Byers The Moore Family
Luke Moffatt Finley Bannister
Dallas Ehrhardt  Becky Iles
Linden Springer Tia Bannister
Ciaran Long Jensen Holland
Felix-Antoine Poulin
Declan Balmer
Rob Linsmayer Jodie Woodhams
Riley Stadel Cameron Crowther
Harrison Ruopp  Nick Wilson
Shane Bakker  Richard Evans
Mike Hammond Karl & Emma Magowan
Matt Ginn John Bannister
Adam Barnes  Ab’z Bar (Just For Fun)
Chris Auger Elaine Padley
Evan Richardson
Logan MacMillan  Jodie Woodhams
Declan Ryan
Jindrich Pacl  Tia & Finley
Duncan Speirs
Marcus Basara
Dylan Anderson

Terms & Conditions for 2018/19

• Full payment must be made upon confirmation that you have been successful in securing your Kit Club items via Bank Transfer or Square Up (debit/credit card).
• The Locker Room Name Plate Sponsorship is specific to individual players, therefore is non-transferable.
• However in the event of a player leaving mid season then any outstanding photographs will be transferred to an alternative player of your choice.
• All items listed above remains the property of the Manchester Storm until the date when they release the designated Name Plate to the designated sponsors.