Your Go Goodwin’s Manchester Storm are pleased to announce the details of the extremely popular “Own and Loan” scheme for the 2018/2019 EIHL season!

Fans will have the opportunity to sponsor the Home, Away & Alternate jerseys, plus the Home and Away warm-up jerseys for the 2018/2019 EIHL season.

Once you purchase your favourite player’s 2018/2019 jersey and ‘loan’ it back to the club, the shirt will be worn throughout the regular season, until the handover ceremony at the end of the season, where it will be presented to you by the player.

Why not have your name, your #Twitter username, your company name incorporated into a brand new custom made name patch which will then be embroidered on to your shirt of choice. Or simply buy it for a friend or family member as a special gift and surprise them with it as they first see their name on the back of the player of your choice.

If your chosen player is selected for “Shirt Off The Back”, we will use your jersey for the first 2 periods of that game, before being swapped for a new jersey, for the 3rd period and presented to the winner of the competition.

You can place your order by contacting the following email address: [email protected]

The successful applicant will be sent an invoice to their email address and immediate payment.

Please note that your email has to have one of the following descriptions in the SUBJECT LINE:

(Player name) +
• Home Match Jersey
• Away Match Jersey
• Alternate Match Jersey
• Home Warm Up Jersey
• Away Warm Up Jersey

*** Whilst you can send in as many emails as you wish, each email must have a unique player name and shirt description in the subject bar. Any emails received that do not comply will be voided. All Own & Loan’s will be on a first come, first served basis.***

2018/19 Own & Loan Availability List:

PLAYER Home Away Alternate Home Warm up Away Warm up
Dane Byers Chris, Jen and Joshua Cotton Stuart Latham Lea Jackson Ffi and Jess’ World Adventure @they.wonder Matt Davies
Luke Moffatt Mr & Mrs Alcock 06.10.2018 The Giles Family Matt, Stacey,  SerBear and Popster Rachel Chapman Elaine Padley
Dallas Ehrhardt Kerry Thomas Andrew Thomas Jess Patten Elaine Padley Lucy
Linden Springer Ben Fletcher Dan Whittaker Ffion Ryan Mr & Mrs Alcock 06.10.2018 Mama Bear Talbot
Ciaran Long The Batson Family £225.00 Andrew Ellis £175.00 £150.00
Felix-Antoine Poulin £225.00 £200.00 £175.00 £150.00 Charley & James Hargreaves
Declan Balmer £200.00 Vinnie Sheppard Dale, Jen and Nimue Clarke £125.00 £100.00
Rob Linsmayer The Philpott Four £200.00 Sweet Home Chicago £150.00 £125.00
Riley Stadel £200.00 £175.00 Dale, Jen and Nimue Clarke Paul Crowther £100.00
Harrison Ruopp Carl, Lui & Oscar Paul Sly  £175.00 £150.00 Nick Wilson
Shane Bakker  Josh Barlow £225.00 £200.00 £175.00 Tania  Kinsey
Mike Hammond Mike & Harley Lipyeat Ryan Gibson £200.00 Sue & Christine Latimer Darryl Kinsey
Matt Ginn Nick Wilson John Bannister Nick Wilson Andrea Thompson Nick Wilson
Adam Barnes £175.00 £150.00 £125.00 £100.00 £75.00
Chris Auger £225.00 £200.00 £175.00 LB Technical £125.00
Evan Richardson Jason, Carla and Dallas Davies £200.00 £175.00 £150.00 £125.00
Logan MacMillan Luke and Emma £200.00 £175.00 £150.00 £125.00
Declan Ryan Stuart Latham £150.00 £125.00 Harry Barlow #40 Tom, Sam & Harry #40
Jindrich Pacl £225.00 £200.00 £175.00 Tia & Finley Bannister  £125.00
Duncan Speirs Clan Photography £150.00 £125.00 £100.00 £75.00
Marcus Basara £200.00 £200.00 Tony & Lynne Hoyle £150.00 £125.00
Dylan Anderson £200.00 £175.00 £150.00 £125.00 £100.00

*Please note – Reserved is where we are awaiting payment